Spey Terminology and Rigging

Entering into the world of Spey and a swung fly can be daunting. The terminology and various equipment/rigging options act as a deterrent or even barrier for some new anglers beginning their Spey journey. But developing a strong working knowledge of the basics allows for a deeper understanding of Spey fishing while helping new anglers make proper equipment and rigging choices for a given situation.

Spey Casting in A Nutshell

I’m a firm believer in simplifying processes. First understand what we are trying to accomplish in simple terms and then break it down into steps that will get us there. Learning to spey cast is no different. While you certainly can make it as complicated as you want, for me, keeping it as simple as […]


What is Trout Spey?

As two-handed Spey casting has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years so, too, has the technology available in the manufacture of two-handed (Spey) rods. This allowed for the development of lighter, more limber rods making two-hand rods no longer restricted in use to larger game fish.  ​ Today, “Trout Spey,” is all the […]


Spey Equipment Basics

When selecting your first equipment it is best to consult your local Spey shop. Below is some terminology so you have a little background knowledge of what you’re going to need. Equipment Terminology Spey Rod -designed for Spey casting. They can range from about 11′ up to over 20′! They feature a top and bottom grip to […]