Down and Dirty

“I call this scenario the “Down and Dirty.” If you can wade the river safely without going for a swim, you can still hook steelhead on the swung fly. The first thing you will need to do is change your gear. You’re going to need to fish the fly as slow as you can and closer to the bottom. The water is cold and dirty, hanging that fly in front of their face is crucial. Teasing the fish with a slower swing in these conditions is the best way to get that tug.” -Jeff Hubbard

Non-Typical Lies

This article originally appeared in the 2019.1 issue of Swing the Fly magazine and is free to view. Enjoy, and if you’re not already a member, consider joining to get access to all the member content and the Anthology book. As Spey fishers, we dream of the perfect pool. At the head of the pool, where […]

Going Short

As we roll into a new decade, the options for short two-handed, switch, or even one-handed Spey rods has never been greater, and the interest in going short clearly on the rise. I have seen a consistent decline in the size of my “go to” rods over the last few years with lengths of 11 feet or less being regularly matched with much of my home waters. There are many advantages to shorter rods – both tactically and esthetically – that drive this preference.

Cold Water Strategies

As the colder side of fall begins to settle in, occasionally an acquaintance or distant family member aware of my “fascination” with fishing will ask, “Is your fishing over for the year?” When I answer, “Nope, it’s just getting started,” I get that look of confusion. It’s an expression that seem… Become a member of […]