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Returns Aug 9-11 to New York's Salmon River!

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Building a basic understanding of Spey casting, including techniques, equipment, terminology, and history. All Spey 101 content is free to view for non-members. Learn and Enjoy!


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Passing on healthy rivers and fish populations to the next generation is a responsibility all swung fly anglers must be committed to. Keep tabs here on the latest news from our conservation partners and learn how you can help.

Fly Tying

Atlantic Salmon

  • Luck Is Never Far Away
    It's early October in eastern Canada. A misty drizzle gives the air a pregnant, mysterious quality. My guide and I carefully are driving along a…
  • Icons: Simon Gawesworth
    Icons, a web series from Swing the Fly, looks at the most influential figures in spey casting and swinging flies from North America and beyond…
  • Episode 66 – David Bishop
    https://www.spreaker.com/user/11272357/episode-066 I got the chance to speak with David Bishop this week. Listen in as we discuss fishing at two-years-old, the beauty of casting, working…
  • The Last Salmon
    I sometimes feel as if Angler #1 (Dry Fly Guy) is perched on my left shoulder and Angler #2 (Bottom Ranger) sits on my right…

Great Lakes


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Spey Casting

Trout Spey

  • Alaskan Trout Spey
    Alaska-based contributor Oliver Ancans walks us through why spey may be the way for (almost) year-round fun in the 49th state.
  • The Platte River Spider
    "Life moves quickly and you never know which fishing trip will be the last with your buddy. Call them and make plans to get out…
  • On The Swing: Winter Midges
    Greg Pearson shares a day on the river swinging midges in search of wild trout.
  • The Orange Asher: a swung trout dry
    "During my tailgate meditation, I felt thankful to have spent time on the water with my dog and for the little orange fly that resulted…

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