Patagonia Introduces Forra Wading Boots Built by Fitwell

Wading boots are some of the most complicated and technical gear in the outdoor world. Submersion, hiking, bushwhacking, sun, salt, crawling, kneeling, climbing—the stresses that anglers place on their boots are tested every time they hit the trail and the water. Engineered to traverse the scrambles, climbs and approaches leading to where the wild things swim, Patagonia’s new Forra Wading Boots Built by Fitwell are superlight, remarkably comfortable and—thanks to punishing real-world testing— expedition tough.


Spey Terminology and Rigging

Entering into the world of Spey and a swung fly can be daunting. The terminology and various equipment/rigging options act as a deterrent or even barrier for some new anglers beginning their Spey journey. But developing a strong working knowledge of the basics allows for a deeper understanding of Spey fishing while helping new anglers make proper equipment and rigging choices for a given situation.


Bridge Wintertide Speyline: Quick Review

I’m one to fish whatever line suits the conditions I face: small flies and smaller water — scandi; big water dryline — long belly; and in winter I typically fish a skagit line with my sinktips. But I can’t honestly say I love casting a skagit line like I do a scandi or longer floating line. And enjoying my casting is something I value — we do a lot of it.

Enter the Bridge Wintertide line.

Patagonia’s New Swiftcurrent Wading Jacket

Patagonia Introduces the Swiftcurrent™ Wading Jacket:  Built with Bureo’s NetPlus® material, a 100% recycled nylon made from reclaimed fishing nets, the Swiftcurrent is engineered to work efficiently through nature’s most unpredictable changes. Built with 100% recycled NetPlus® material made from reclaimed fishing nets, the Patagonia Swiftcurrent™ Wading Jacket is designed to work simply and simply […]