Patagonia Introduces Forra Wading Boots Built by Fitwell

Wading boots are some of the most complicated and technical gear in the outdoor world. Submersion, hiking, bushwhacking, sun, salt, crawling, kneeling, climbing—the stresses that anglers place on their boots are tested every time they hit the trail and the water. Engineered to traverse the scrambles, climbs and approaches leading to where the wild things swim, Patagonia’s new Forra Wading Boots Built by Fitwell are superlight, remarkably comfortable and—thanks to punishing real-world testing— expedition tough.

Patagonia’s New Swiftcurrent Wading Jacket

Patagonia Introduces the Swiftcurrent™ Wading Jacket:  Built with Bureo’s NetPlus® material, a 100% recycled nylon made from reclaimed fishing nets, the Swiftcurrent is engineered to work efficiently through nature’s most unpredictable changes. Built with 100% recycled NetPlus® material made from reclaimed fishing nets, the Patagonia Swiftcurrent™ Wading Jacket is designed to work simply and simply […]

Patagonia Introduces Women’s and Men’s Swiftcurrent Waders

No-Compromise Midweights for All Water, All Seasons and All Anglers Completing a years-long process of design, materials research and on-the-water testing, Patagonia has unveiled two new wader models—the Women’s and Men’s Swiftcurrent Waders. Boasting all-season and all-water versatility, the Swiftcurrent Waders come in two models for a better match for a range of bodies. Along […]

Korkers River Ops

“Our design inspiration for the River Ops™ was largely the uncompromising nature of tactical Armed Forces gear,” says CEO Brian Chaney. “Guides and hard core anglers depend on their gear to do their job. Comfortable boots alone don’t cut it, so we designed every facet of the boot with premium features to withstand seasons of serious abuse. The River Ops™ boot merges durability and comfort, providing the premium support and tailored fit dedicated guides and anglers require.”