Adaptation: An Important Message From the Editor

Throughout the past year, with a steelheader’s thorough cast-and-step methodology, I have searched under every rock and crevice for a way to save money and keep the publication sustainable. While it is with sadness that I say we must move on from a quarterly magazine – which I know so many of you look forward to receiving four times a year – I am full of excitement for the next stage in the continuing adaptation of Swing the Fly.

Icons: Dec Hogan

Icons, a web series from Swing the Fly, looks at the most influential figures in spey casting and swinging flies from North America and beyond in the 21st century. This installment looks at Dec Hogan, an authority in spey casting instruction and one of the most revered steelhead anglers, guides and authors of our time. His 2006 book, A Passion for Steelhead, has been the portal taken by legions of anglers in learning the pursuit of sea run rainbows.