Winter Steelhead Rigging Seminar January 28!

On January 28 at 6:30 p.m. PST (9:30 EST), Swing the Fly Editor Zack Williams will host a live event about rigging for Winter/Spring steelheading.

Over his years of fishing winter steelhead, Zack noticed a lot of anglers who had big wallets full of sink tips and not a clear idea of what each one did, or which one to choose for each circumstance.

This seminar will aim to clarify that and provide a clear understanding of how you line, sink tip, leader and fly need to all work together to achieve a good presentation. The end goal is to have system of line, 3-4 sink tips, flies, and an appropriate leader/tippet that will cover your prevalent water conditions without over-complicating things.

The presentation will likely last about 20-30 minutes and then be opened up to a Q&A session where Zack can sort through some of the issues you may be having or questions from the presentation.

This will be a member’s only event for current subscribers to Swing the Fly. Make sure you are a member and able to login beforehand so you don’t miss out.

Viewing details will be emailed to our mailing list and posted here as soon as they are available. Check back before or on January 28!

View live below or click this link to view on YouTube and be able to comment/ask questions:

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