Scientific Anglers Spey Lite

The Spey Lite series includes both integrated and head-only versions of Scandi Skagit lines. They are available in a wide range of lightweight grain-ages (150 to 420 grains) for the new push of Trout Spey rods.

The Spey Lite Scandi Head has been my go-to trout line for several years now. I pair it with SA’s sonar leaders from floating to type 6. The Spey Lite scandi even does amazingly well with the type 6 tip and lightly weighted fly up to about 3 inches long, making it a truly versatile do-it-all trout line. Rarely do I find a need for anything else on my Meiser trout spey.

Check out the SPEY LITEs at Scientific Anglers or your local Spey shop.