Swing the Fly Membership -Digital Only

What your Digital-Only Membership includes:

  • PDF copy of the Swing the Fly Anthology Series (New volume released yearly in September)
  • Member-Only access to original Swing the Fly content online.
  • Access to all 29 previously published copies of Swing the Fly magazine — over 3,500 pages of content to be revisited time and time again!



PLEASE READ: Swing the Fly memberships automatically renew yearly on your original date of purchase until you cancel your subscription, which you may do at any time. Cancellation applies to the next billing cycle (YEAR).

This is done to streamline the billing process for our small business, we do not intend to charge you for any subscription you do not wish to receive. If you ever charged unintentionally please simply email info@swingthefly.com within 30 days of the charge and it will be refunded.

 TO CANCEL, login and then click your account in the upper right of the screen, go to subscriptions, then cancel. OR view your original transaction email receipt to find “recurring payments” where you may cancel.

Thank you for your support of this small business!