Fishing Dogs: Our Bestest Fishing Pards

Fishermen tend to be a gregarious lot.

By nature, we generally enjoy the companionship of others during our time on the water. 

But, time on the water is quality time, so, we should be allowed to choose our fishing companions with some bias. These days, my most amicable and constant companion in life, as well as with whom I spend a not-insignificant amount of time on the water, is my fishing dog.

His name is Cappy.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy dedicated fishing time with a few of my closest buds for infinite reasons. But, my K9 campanero always makes a spontaneous road trip easy, and hassle free. He’s never late in the morning. He’s always ready to head out to any fishing destination, at any given moment. During the early leg of our journeys, he and I will howl together in harmonious joy.

He chooses to join me without hesitation. Regardless of the weather, or the time of day, he is stoked; ready to go. He never complains about – or questions – where we’re headed, nor for what game fish we’re after. He never quarrels about how long we end up staying.

My snap decisions to turn our days together into overnighters is never a worry – or a hassle – to him. 

He is an easy keeper, needing little to-no special preparations, or gear, other than having his favorite sleeping mat in the tent, and a batch of cooked-up chicken chunks with gravy packed up in the cooler. He also loves fresh caught, bacon fried Brook Trout and spuds for breakfast!

Socially, he’s apolitical and agnostic. He’s not one to dwell on the inane. Perhaps his only fault is that he is overly friendly with the tendency to photo-bomb other anglers’ bankside hero shots. He will, on occasion, hop into a stranger’s drift boat and – unbeknownst to me – head off downriver with them.

As is the nature of dogs, his pure and innocent love is undaunting and unquestioned. 24/7. The feeling is mutual.

Once, I found Cappy fence cornered by a very territorial, snorting, ground pawing 2000+ lb., fully equipped Brahma bull on a high desert spring creek meadow. It could have been nasty! But, of course, Cappy thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

The bottom line is: Cappy loves every single aspect of heading out on a fishing adventure as much as I do. He loves them for the very same reasons that I do. I mean, all and all, what’s not to love?

My guess is that every one of you fortunate dog fisherfolks know exactly what I’m saying here.

You too understand they rule our hearts. With malice towards none.

How could he NOT be my bestest fishing pard?