Episode 16 – Charles Gehr

On this episode of The River Rambler we’re joined by Charles Gehr, the new owner of Anderson Custom Rods. Today we are visiting about his involvement in an effort to convince Oregon Fish and Wildlife to make changes to regulations on the rivers of southern Oregon. In an effort to make sure wild steelhead stocks remain healthy, they are asking that all retention of wild steelhead be eliminated, at least until there is current, credible data collected on which the health of the population can be determined. With wild steelhead populations crashing throughout nearly all of their range, it seems the least that can be done without current science. The ODFW Commission meeting is next Friday, Januarth 17th, isn Salem so time is short.

More information about the issues and how you can help are available at www.TheRiverRambler.com and www.NativeFishSociety.org/news-media