Bridge Wintertide Speyline: Quick Review

I’m one to fish whatever line suits the conditions I face: small flies and smaller water — scandi; big water dryline — long belly; and in winter I typically fish a skagit line with my sinktips. But I can’t honestly say I love casting a skagit line like I do a scandi or longer floating line. And enjoying my casting is something I value — we do a lot of it.

Enter the Bridge Wintertide line.

Episode 87 – John Larison

This week I’m speaking with John Larison, author of “Holding Lies” and most recently “Whiskey When We’re Dry.” We chat about his start as a mud puddle angler, questioning Euro-nymphing, New York waters, tequila, Ted Leeson, writing, trying to be like water, and the questioniable choice to method act in the TSA line. You can […]

Episode 86 – Celebrating Frank Moore

This week we have a very special episode for you to celebrate the life of Frank Moore. I’m joined by Becky McRae, Karl Konecny, Dean Finnerty, Dale Greenley, and Jeffery Dose. We talk about meeting Frank, be it on the river, at a faire, or in the scouts, botany with Jeanne, wading upstream, “pick-pocketing,” and […]

Icons: John Shewey

ertainly at the same time—in Oregon, Washington, BC, and on other streams in CA—fly anglers were succeeding in catching these enigmatic fish on flies, but on the Eel, with John Benn in the forefront, the sport really found its legs…and its founding flies.