Whitney Gould’s Single Spey

Here’s how a 7-time Spey-O-Rama world champion does a single spey. UPDATE: The Swing the Fly community raised about $2500 in less than 24 hours to help Whitney get to Norway! Thank you all! Good luck, Whitney! We’re trying to raise a little money for Whitney’s travel to the Fly Casting World Championship in Norway. […]

Mojo Sculpin

The Mojo Sculpin earned its name and a permanent place in the box the past couple seasons, turning the trick on early spring pre-spawn rainbows and also accounting for some nice brown trout. The hackle-head design works well to simulate the sculpin profile while providing a natural color blend and much breath and pulse, creating the illusion of mass, without bulk. Sinks quicker than a clipped deer hair muddler head.