Salmonflies: Swinging the Hatch

The memory of a Henry’s Fork rainbow cartwheeling multiple times over a waking muddler in the glow of a May sunset still has me grinning years later. And I can almost feel the warmth of the June sun as I recall working a flooded willow bank. The plump brown trout that I eventually landed nearly pulled my 3-wt. trout spey out of my hand on the grab.

Guide Gossip Question 4:

I have always been a two-knot kind of gal – a turle and a clinch. That is until I tried a non-slip mono, or an Orvis knot, or a riffle hitch … The list goes on. I gauge the knot based on the style of hook and go with the strongest knot I know. With that said, all of these expert answers below gets me thinking …

Spey Casting in A Nutshell

I’m a firm believer in simplifying processes. First understand what we are trying to accomplish in simple terms and then break it down into steps that will get us there. Learning to spey cast is no different. While you certainly can make it as complicated as you want, for me, keeping it as simple as […]

Ode to the 6-piece

I’ve fallen hard over the past few years for the 6-piece Spey rod. It’s really nothing complicated. They break down to almost the size of a 9-foot single hander, so they fit inside your luggage; you don’t need to check an extra “bag” (rod tube) on a flight or find an special spot inside an […]

Patagonia Introduces Women’s and Men’s Swiftcurrent Waders

No-Compromise Midweights for All Water, All Seasons and All Anglers Completing a years-long process of design, materials research and on-the-water testing, Patagonia has unveiled two new wader models—the Women’s and Men’s Swiftcurrent Waders. Boasting all-season and all-water versatility, the Swiftcurrent Waders come in two models for a better match for a range of bodies. Along […]